Meet Your Photographers

Troy and Vivian


You spend more time with your photographers on your wedding day than anyone else! Therefore, it is important that you know and are comfortable with us. Achieving a comfortable vibe with your photographers definitely shows in your photographs so get to know us a bit!

We are Troy and Vivian, a boyfriend and girlfriend duo based out of Miami, Florida. We have been together and shooting for 7 years now and counting. Troy is the brains of this operation: when you're emailing and coordinating you are speaking to Troy. He is a workaholic and will probably answer your 3:00 AM texts asking about advice on timelines more than likely. Vivian is the life of this little 2 person party. She is the bubbly, energetic one that will make you feel comfortable posing in front of a stranger's camera. She helps pose, keeps the mood light and lively, and calms you down before you walk down the aisle. Vivian also thinks she's hilarious with her dry jokes. We both complement each other’s shooting style to create a cohesive story in the end.

We are avid travelers, adventurers, and puppy lovers. (Vivian will love you for life if you bring Corgis, Pugs, Dachshunds, French & English Bulldogs [We don’t discriminate] and other similarly shaped dogs to the party.)